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Flexstone is a wet application designed to go on new and existing sundecks, roof decks, and more. The base coat is a water catalyzed urethane that is thick and flexible, the top coat is one of two finishes.

The rugged standard color coat finish is a colored urethane that is UV stable and fade resistant. Silica sand can be rolled in creating a slip resistant surface.

To enhance the look of your deck there is the luxurious textured stone finish which gives the appearance of aggregate. The aromatic color coat, fireproof acrylic flake and 100% UV stable clear coat will give your deck a protective flexible glossy finish.

Restoring your old deck has never been easier. The base coat adheres to nearly any substrate including vinyl, fibreglass, concrete, raw wood, painted surfaces and more.

Roof Deck

Flexstone is an industrial strength membrane designed for the harshest climates. It is approved by the CCMC for applications over living space giving you the opportunity to convert your flat roof into a functional roof deck. The four-ply system can be applied to nearly any surface including concrete, urethane membranes as well as torch on.

Garage floors

Flexstone was originally designed to handle the heavy traffic of ski-resort patios because of it’s industrial strength membrane, Flexstones heavy duty three ply system is ideal for any heavy traffic area. The concrete is primed and Flexstones attractive next generation polyaspartic traffic coatings will not only be pleasing to the eye but will add strength durability to your garage floor. We can customize slip resistance to accommodate your needs.

Decks, Steps, and Walkways

Want to spruce up your old deck, slab stairs or walkways. The Flexstone system is versatile in so many ways, it’ll adhere to so many different surfaces including plywood, concrete, fibreglass, vinyl and more. Choose from solid colours or add some character by broadcasting in FlexStone flake. We’ll finish it off with a UV stable sealer giving you maintenance free finishes for years to come.

Pool Decks

Flexstone can be applied over Sierra stone, concrete, spray on liner, fibreglass or whatever may be around your pool. Flexstone is slip resistant making it the ideal surface, the UV stable clear coat doesn’t absorb heat as other products do, making it very comfortable to walk on barefoot. The seamless waterproof membrane protects the substrate from water damage. A worry free solution.

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